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Gex Saishoku Kenbi 7 Blend Hairball Rabbit 800g

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The staple food, grass, should be given so that it can be eaten at any time, and the daily feeding amount of this product should be divided into two parts, morning and evening, with a guideline of 5% of body weight.

When switching pellets, mix them with the existing pellets and let them acclimatize before switching.

Lucern Meal, Bran, Timothy Hay, Defatting Sugar, Flour, Corn, Lactic fermented bamboo powder, Soy protein, Beer yeast, Fermented vegetable feed,

Crude protein: 16.0%, Crude fat: 1.3%, Crude fiber: 18%, Crude ash: 7.0%, Moisture: 10.0%, Calcium: 0.65%, Phosphorus: 0.7%, Calories (100g): 266 kcal

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