Professional Pet Grooming Salon

Grooming for small animal

Nail & Paw fur trimming
Ear cleaning
Basic Grooming
Full Grooming

Guinea Pig
Nail trimming
Ear cleaning
Basic grooming
Full grooming

Transportation Charges of $5-$20 ( apply to Basic Grooming and Below & May Apply for Full Grooming Depending on Location)

Professional Dog Grooming

Nail clipping with trimming of paw furs
Ear Cleaning with Clearing of Ear Fur
Basic Grooming ( comprise of all the above + Anal Gland )
Full Grooming ( comprise of all + trimming to shape or shave down )

Transportation Charges of $5-$20 ( apply to Basic Grooming and Below & May Apply for Full Grooming Depending on Location)

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Most people in Singapore are too busy and do not have the luxury of the time to groom their own pets. Another concern is that most pets might feel anxious and uncomfortable in a new environment. And this is where Pet Kiosk can help you. We offer exceptional professional pet grooming services in Singapore, and our team consists of highly trained experts. We promise that we will handle your pets with utmost care. We also value excellent customer service. Thus, you can easily make reservations with our team. At Pet Kiosk, we ensure that all our grooming tools are in mint condition. This way, you are sure that your pet will be in good hands. Our affordable services include nail clipping, ear cleaning, and shampooing to name a few. Just give us a quick call, get a schedule, and have your pet groomed .

Dog Grooming

Dog grooming should only be handled by experts or professionals. If you must know. there are different cuts and techniques to use every single time. Thus, one must know how to handle different breeds and must be patient. Our dog groomers are one of the best in the country. They are not just technically equipped, they are natural dog-lovers as well. They will listen to your specific instructions and follow it as necessary. We want you and your pets to feel confident and safe all throughout the grooming session. At Pet Kiosk, we only deliver the best and that’s what you will get from our dog grooming services.

Guinea Pig and Rabbit Grooming

And did you know that we also offer guinea pig and rabbit grooming? Over the years, there is an increasing demand for guinea pig and rabbit grooming services. We understand this demand and thus we included it in our offering. We provide nail & paw fur trimming, ear cleaning, and basic or full grooming. Just tell us what you need, and our team will accommodate your requests. Special skills are needed when you groom guinea pigs and rabbits. And that is why we carefully select our groomers to ensure top-notch services for all our clients. We know how much you value your pets, and we will take care of them to the best of our abilities.

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